Automated garage doors are one of the most convenient pieces of equipment in any home. It saves users the daily effort of getting in and out of their vehicles to manually operate their garage doors. Motorised garage doors are not only convenient, it can also be a great help to the elderly or those who are physically impaired.


Automated garage doors have been around since 1926 and came into more common use after World War II. Over the years, the popularity of motorised garage doors grew exponentially, and the technology behind garage door automation has become very advanced indeed. Modern day garage door automation systems come standard with a remote control and can have an automatic courtesy light and extra safety features. The remote control allows the user to open and close their garage door at the push of a button, while the automatic courtesy light comes on as soon as the door is opened and switches off once it is closed.


Motorised garage doors can also have a backup battery unit installed. This feature allows the garage door to still be operational in the case of a power outage.


MasterCraft Garage Doors is able to offer home owners various options for the home automation of garage doors. Our available motors range from battery back-up units to heavy duty commercial garage door motors. We also have quiet running motors with soft stop and start, LED lighting and further door automation options available on request.


 The various motors that are available are:


• Dorgo 800: Economical battery backup unit.

• 800 N motor, which lifts most door types with relative ease.

• Comfort series: German technology at its finest.






  • o Comfort 220
  • The Comfort 220 is perfect for domestic applications. It is able to lift most single and double standard size garage doors. The motor also runs quietly and features soft start and stop. The Comfort 220 is also available with full optional safety features.
  • o Comfort 252:
  • The Comfort 252 is a garage door opener that is suitable for the heavy duty lifting of heavier exotic timber garage doors.

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