Meranti Garage Doors

The rich textures and design versatility of Meranti is increasingly the reason for these doors fast becoming the preferred option for modern homes and a favourite for garage door design in South Africa. The Meranti used for our garage doors, front doors and gates is kiln dried and solid throughout.  No finger-jointed timber is used in any part of the manufacture. Only water resistant wood glue is used in the laminating process. MasterCraft products are sealed with a good quality timber preservative before leaving the factory, or and if specified, a coat of wood primer will be applied for customers wishing to give their doors a painted finish, leaving final treatment of the doors to the customer. Any special finishes as per architect specifications can be applied if supplied by the customer.


Our Meranti door is comprised of 5 sections which are placed one on top of the other using a system of hinges, which when operated move in a vertical direction, around a curve and along the ceiling. The advantages of this motion with our doors are:


  • The door does not move through the opening of the garage and will therefore not encroach on the boundary line.
  • These doors are ideal where space is limited and the garage needs to be placed onto the municipal boundary line.
  • Vehicles can be parked close to the garage door without fear of being struck by the garage door when opened.
  • The full garage opening height can be achieved as the sectional door opens to lintel height. This is ideal for owners of caravans, 4 x 4, and boats where additional height might be a requirement.
  • Due to the vertical motion, this door is not affected by the wind in any way.
  • The sectional door is mounted on the inside of the garage opening and overlaps on both sides and the top.  This together with a rubber weather seal on the bottom of the door helps create a better seal against the elements.
  • The garage door is mounted onto 14 gauge cold rolled galvanised track set.
  • Available in single, double and custom sized doors.
  • Ideally torsion spring systems are used.  However, the more economical tension spring system may be used on the single doors if required.
  • Different patterns available.
  • Customers may submit their own designs which we do make every attempt to accommodate.
  • One coat of timber preservative or wood primer is applied before leaving our factory affording the customer personal preference for final finishing by the customer on site.



We offer various design pattern choices for our Meranti doors:

Horizontal Slatted

Broad slat as introduced to the Western Cape by MasterCraft

  • 22 mm x 140 mm profiled solid Meranti slats.
  • Ideal for contemporary and modern homes.
  • Door widths up to 5500mm can be accommodated.


Our Meranti garage door cladding options are available to order in custom design choices.

Raised and Fielded Panels (RFP)

  • Manufactured from solid Meranti.
  • Panels are laminated using waterproof wood glue.
  • Ideal for Tuscan styled homes.
  • Available in various panel sizes and configurations.

Bali Style Door

  • Manufactured from solid Meranti and exterior grade Meranti ply.
  • Knobs available in antique brass; antique silver and nickel.
  • New door design - uniqueness in your neighbourhood.

Indo Style Door

  • Manufactured from solid Meranti and exterior grade Meranti ply.

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