Garage Door Automation: MasterCraft and CENTURION Systems

Centurion - SD04 Smart

A garage door motor is designed to make our lives as drivers and even the passengers, easier. A simple “click” of a button on a remote allows the garage door to open and close.

An automated door is also far safer in areas where crime is a possibility. With an automated door you simply “click” and drive. There is no need to leave your vehicle in order to unlock the door, open the door and only then drive the vehicle into the safety of the garage.

Choosing your garage door motor

This area can be a mine field. There are so many different options to choose from. Each company will offer a variety of models and different promises.

We, at MasterCraft, have been in the garage door industry for around 21 years. We know the different manufacturers, the different importers. We know which manufacturers and importers will stand behind their product when things start going wrong. Over the years, we have tried and tested suppliers who share our views regarding ethical business practice and give those we feel are simply making a quick “buck” a wide berth.

In short, we install a motor that is supported by the manufacturer giving you, the end user, peace of mind.

With this in mind, we have partnered with CENTURION Systems. This company shows fantastic business ethics, faultless morals and a readiness to listen to, and find solutions to, any issues that may be on hand.

Introducing CENTURION’s SDO4 garage door motor, by MasterCraft:

  • The SD04 garage door motor is a SMART addition to your home automation. Set up is done via blue tooth on the installer’s cell phone. The SMART app indicates the status of the door, the voltage of the batteries and whether Eskom electrical supply is present or not.
  • These garage door motors are available for tip up doors, standard sectional doors as well as caravan height doors with an opening height of around 2900 – 3000mm.
  • The heavier timber garage doors are easily operated with a 1200N motor.
  • The lighter weight doors have 1000N motor to operate the door.

What do you get?

  • A state-of-the-art garage door motor.
  • Whisper-quiet operation all thanks to the drive belt as opposed to a chain on other systems.
  • 2 Remotes.
  • Battery Back-up.
  • An App which helps to identify any problems on the motor as well as monitoring the battery and electricity status.
  • Peace of mind with operation.


  • CENTURION Systems offer a 3-year warranty on their garage door motor and a 6-month warranty on their batteries on the battery backup system.
  • MasterCraft offers you a 2-year warranty on our workmanship.
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